1. drawingarchitecture:

    Conrad Roland, Drawing of an exhibition hall with floating levels,1963.

    (Source: bauzeitgeist, via ghettopia)

  2. Apartments in former East Berlin. I’ve been off exploring cities in Europe and the jungles of central America all summer, and kind of let this blog go stagnant. School is starting back up soon though as I head into my final year of architecture school at IIT, so stay tuned for more planning, urbanism, and megaforms!

    (Source: ghettopia)

  3. Paul Maymont- “Maison Diamont” (Polyhedral House) 1967

  4. Akira Shibuya with Kinji Nakamura, Hideo Shimizu, Kikuwo Kawasumi, Susumu Abukawa,Yoshio Yamamori,and Kazunori Odahara. 

    Entry for a 1966 contest “Urban Residences and Their Connective Systems”.

  5. Skyline of a ‘stepped town’ by Merete Mattern

  6. Arata Isozaki “Cluster in the Air” 

  7. Noriaki Kurokawa, 1970

  8. Wolfgang Döring “Stapelhaus” (house of stacked units), 1967